We are

Ready for our future

As we embark on our next 4 year strategic plan for 2020-2024, we wanted to evolve our brand and culture to reflect the organisation we are today and the organisation we will become to deliver our goals.

In 2020 we are pleased to launch:

  • A new logo that continues to represent our established identity while also representing how we have evolved
  • A vision statement that shares our ambitious hopes for our people, charity and sector
  • A mission statement that clearly shares why we exist
  • 5 new co-produced values that will shape our culture and help us to achieve our vision and mission
  • Our next strategic plan, underpinned by 4 strategic pillars, which will give us strength and support

Find out more about how we reached our new vision, mission and values

We will put wellbeing at the heart of health and social care.

Our Vision

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Together we build relationships, connect communities and provide quality care as unique as the people we support.

Our Mission

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Introducing our new values

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Find out more about each of our values...

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Our Strategic Plan

We are ready for the future

Read our full 4 year Strategic Plan for 2020-2024

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Who are Making Space?

We are Making Space and we have been supporting adults with care and support needs, and their carers, to lead independent and fulfilling lives for nearly 40 years.

We provide services from Cumbria to Cambridge, supporting people in their own home, in their local community and with specialist support services.

Our Services include:

  • – Residential and nursing homes
  • – Supported living and extra care
  • – Floating support
  • – Independent hospitals
  • – Community support and social inclusion
  • – Employment and wellbeing
  • – Psychological therapies

What We Do

We provide our services to any adult with an identified health or social care need, including people with complex mental health needs, learning disabilities, living with dementia as well as older people and carers.

We also support people who fund their own care and support to promote choice and wellbeing.

Our professional and caring teams strive to go above and beyond for the people we support, helping them to live happy, fulfilling and enriched lives and focussing on positive outcomes for each individual.

Here at Making Space, everything is done with dignity, respect and compassion for both the people we support and their families.

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