Making Space’s vision is to put wellbeing at the heart of health and social care. To do this, we need to live into our values and design care that is fit for the future.

We will dream big, have courage and be ready for whatever comes our way in order to ensure the future of our charity. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic means that now, more than ever, these values have to drive our behaviours, and the actions we take over the coming years.

This plan outlines the activities and programmes we will embark upon in order to support the delivery of our 2020 – 2024 strategic plan vision. The development and fundraising team will now focus upon:

Increasing the number of supported living schemes delivered - either in partnership with trusted investors or via funding secured by Making Space, particularly those where Making Space can generate housing income

Prioritising the development of provision targeted at those who can self-fund their services, most likely the older beneficiary group, taking into account the impact of COVID-19

Capacity-building in respect of our learning disability provision, in order to retain current services and increase market share

Potentially increasing our market share/presence through a merger or acquisition

The Care Designed for the Future KPI dashboard will identify how the key delivery strategies and tactics outlined below will contribute to the achievement of these over-arching success indicators.

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