Making it happen: aims and key measures


Aim 1: Making it Real service plans

Together with the people we support we will determine which elements of Making it Real matter the most to people who use our services, and incorporate these into our practice. Making it Real is a nationally recognised co-production leader:

We will co-produce annual experience surveys with people who use our services, to increase ownership and level of response. In addition we will co-produce outcomes and actions with the Making Change Group, and feed back to all services.

Key measures:

  • Incorporate Making it Real into our Experience Survey
  • Host a forum in each Making Space service on Making it Real
  • % of services with a Making it Real action plan

Aim 2: Making Change - experts by experience

Making Change members will lead on key co-production projects across the organisation, and will determine how to develop each project. The group will design a programme of activity to review our strategic pillars and to co-design the co-production key performance indicators.

Key measures:

  • Number of events to involve the people we support in the review and further development of the co-production pillar
  • Making Change members involved in the annual design, delivery and appraisal of experience surveys

Aim 3: Involvement in employee recruitment

We will increase the number of people who use our services in the recruitment of new staff and improve the experience people have from engaging in this practice.

In order to achieve this we will co-produce the recruitment programme with the Making Change Group and our HR Recruitment team.

Key measures:

  • Number of people we support involved in employee recruitment and selection

Aim 4: National event for people we support

We will co-produce a national conference/event with people who use our services, volunteers, and Marketing team. We will co-ordinate a successful volunteer programme to support the event.

Key measures:

  • Number of event volunteer roles identified
  • Number of people we support engaged in the event

Aim 5: Increase the range of volunteer roles throughout the organisation that are person-centered and life enriching

We will share good practice with services relating to volunteering to build confidence of employees and people that use services in working alongside volunteers. We will gather feedback from volunteers about their experience, ensuring they know how to make a comment/complaint.

We will use feedback to make continual improvements to our Volunteer Framework, building people’s skills by working with volunteers and sharing good practice, including how people’s feedback has been used to make a difference.

We will evolve the current volunteer roles at services by working in partnership with the people we support and our colleagues to identify volunteer roles that are more specific to the service and for people we support. In addition to involvement in recruitment and selection this could include involvement in tender interviews, joining the digital champions’ team of Project Shine or reviewing service performance plans.

We will have a regular targeted volunteer recruitment campaign focussed upon matching volunteers’ skills and interests with the people we support.

Key measures:

  • Increase the range of volunteer roles in services
  • Annual volunteer satisfaction rates to increase each year

How the co-produced services
pillar aligns to our values...

Shifting power to the people we support rejuvenates the way we provide support and enables us to champion new approaches.

We are actively learning and displaying that we are responsive to change, as we are enabling the people we support to lead the way.

How the co-produced services
pillar supports our other strategic pillars...

Digital capability

Co-production will be the apparatus to introduce personalised and tailor-made assistive technology and digital solutions which are unique to the people we support. It will also allow us to be committed to enhancing opportunities and outcomes for greater independence, control and fulfilment.

A dedicated and committed workforce

The people we support will fundamentally expect our workforce to be recruited to what they value in a person, influencing how we will coach our organisation to be person led. The people we support will actively engage with the learning and development of our colleagues, acting as experts by experience, learning together to make a positive difference.

Care designed for the future

People we support are at the heart of any services and systems we introduce. The views and aspirations of the people we support are our catalyst for continuous improvement and innovation.

The voice of the people supported is encouraged and evidenced in decision-making. We will enable the people we support, through learning and support, to have an active voice and encourage them to influence change in Making Space and on the national policy stage.

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