Project Shine is our strategic pillar for going digital at Making Space. Through Shine we aim to integrate different digital solutions across all areas of our charity that will change and improve the way we operate. With our goal of becoming a digitally capable organisation, and as digital technology in our personal lives increases, it has never been more important for us all to be able to access and use this technology.

Our Digital Transformation Plan sets out the key components, which will support the delivery of our overall stratgeic priorities and will further embed our values. The following sections set out our aims, objectives and measures of success: Time, Care, Paperless, Communication, and Data.

We understand that digital is not new and that many people use digital technology outside of work to great effect. We want to embrace this and ensure that we start to create a digital first approach, held against the previously mentioned 5 key components. Where we can improve efficiencies in our operations, become more responsive as an organisation and improve the lives of the people we support, we want to ensure that digital is used appropriately to achieve these outcomes.

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Giving us more contact time with the people we support, and the tools we need to cut down on our admin and travel time.


Supporting us to provide better care to the people we support and our staff teams.


Supporting our bid to become a paperless organisation. Reducing our carbon footprint on the planet and helping us to spend our resources better.


Improving communcation across all stakeholder groups.


Supporting the input, flow and reporting of data to help us achieve operational excellence.



Any digital technology considered will focus on how we improve the lives of the people we support. We are committed to ensure that our digital approaches involve all the people we support, that we evidence a sense of empowerment, inclusion and ensure people remain connected to their communities.


Our staff are key to the care we deliver and it is important that they are supported in their roles. We must ensure that we have the necessary mechanisms in place so that staff feel supported through change, to build a sense of increased confidence using technology.


Making Space as an organisation will benefit from digital transformation as we adopt a positive mind set towards information governance and data security. As we strive towards being a paperless organisation now is the perfect time to ensure that the learning and development opportunities we provide for our workforce complement the key components of Shine, so that colleagues can feel reassured that they are using digital in an effective way.

People’s digital development will differ across the size and scale of our organisation so we must ensure that

we find ways to nurture digital skills for every member of staff therefore identifying and empowering our digital leaders to aid culture change is fundamental to our success.

We want to identify and support people with an interest in digital technology or an ability to inspire interest and confidence amongst their peers. By acting as digital champions, their enthusiasm and approachability will have a positive effect on their colleagues and the organisation as a whole.


Core projects

Our core projects have been identified as being essential in our digital transformation journey. Each has a project lead and supporting team, is linked to other core projects and is mapped to our Shine outcomes. There is no restriction on the number of core projects of Shine – we hope that through our digital innovation hub and digital and technology events, that future core projects are identified.

Digital and technology events

Regular events held to explore, test and review different technologies that have been identified in our digital innovation hub, that may help us to achieve our Shine outcomes. These events will be invitation only (depending on the size and location) but our aim is to host across our regions so all employees who would like to get involved have an opportunity to attend.

Digital innovation hub

An online forum for all Making Space colleagues to share ideas around potential digital solutions.

Shine Champions

Shine Champions are Making Space colleagues who have volunteered to support all things Shine, including: upskilling their own digital knowledge, supporting colleagues to learn new digital skills, being involved with and supporting our core projects, encouraging conversations in our digital innovation hub and being involved in planning our digital and technology events.

Our Shine Champions will also be able to achieve rewards and recognitions for their participation in Shine.

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