Digital Capability

Making it happen: aims and key measures


Aim 1: Research, identify, design & implement an optimal digital infrastructure

We would like to ensure that our digital infrastructure is tailor-made. We must review, in detail, our current digital infrastructure. This will help us to suggest improvements/ innovations. It will also allow us to prioritise our resources.

We will:

  • Map out the current digital infrastructure.
  • Identify where systems are used, what their primary functionalities are and obtain user feedback.
  • Create an environment that will allow us to showcase any potential new technologies to the internal user group that will benefit from it. We will always give our people the opportunity to review the technology and commit to including them in the decision making process, ensuring that we stay true to our key components.

Key measures:

  • Implement e-care planning
  • Showcase satisfaction statistics in digital systems

Aim 2: Developing the digital skills of our people

Our people are our core strength; supporting, developing and training our workforce to achieve their full potential enables us to provide quality support to our service users. As the environment in which care and support is provided continues to change, we need to have the agility in our workforce, where skills are transferable, new ways of working are adopted and we embrace and develop core digital skills.

We will:

  • Develop a Digital Leader programme. Creating roles specific to support with the promotion and implementation of our approach. Identify a digital related qualification, which will help to upskill and further professionalise our workforce.

Key measures:

  • Digital Training Compliance %
  • No. of Digital Leaders / Shine Champions
  • No. of Digital Leader Hours Deployed

Aim 3: Electronic care planning

Making Space are aware of the innovations in the industry around Electronic Care Planning. It is our intention to be at the forefront of innovation and whilst we currently operate on paper records; we will implement a system that will allow us to digitalise our care at the point of delivery.

We will:

  • Follow our system for innovation review. Showcase these systems and allow our people to give their feedback. Ensure that feedback is analysed, made available and communicate how that featured in decision-making.
  • Develop a Shine project team and implementation plan. Ensure that training features is a key consideration with the utmost importance on a customer service-based approach to implementation.
  • Successfully implement the Electronic Care Planning software, ensuring optimal implementation using the resources available and to an agreed timescale.

Key measures:

  • No. of services implemented
  • No. of staff trained on system
  • No. of digital care plans

How the digital capability services
pillar aligns to our values...

Any transformation requires the courage to undertake it. We have invested in a dedicated team who know our business and its values very well and we empower them to lead us through this exciting culture change.

Implementing a digital transformation project will support our value of Being Ready. An optimal digital infrastructure will support growth, improve the pace of which we can on-board people and services. Ultimately, this will allow us to be more responsive to the needs of our commissioners.

How the digital capability pillar
supports our other strategic pillars...

Co-produced services

A core component of Project Shine is to improve communication across all stakeholder groups. Improved communication will enable us to embed Making it Real plans across our services.

A dedicated and committed workforce

At the heart of Project Shine is the development of the digital skills of our workforce. Shine is an investment in the upskilling of an already talented and professional care workforce at Making Space.

Care designed for the future

Embedding electronic care planning through Project Shine will support our ambitions to deliver care designed for the future in all of our services.

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